Activities & Tours

Activities & Tours

Diving Tour

Our dive tour through the red sea transports visitors to the crystal clear water of the Dahlak Islands. Visitors can take part in various water sports, take a dip in clear, warm waters, go snorkeling, and sunbathe on the sandy beaches. These islands are a dive lover’s desire. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds of exotic fauna and flora , even when they are not diving in the deep sea. There are more than one hundred kilometres across 350 islands in crystal clear waters. This Red Sea is an exotic treasure hunt that is waiting to be explored by divers.

Boat Cruises

Take an excursion on a boat and make stops at different island resorts on the Red Sea coast, extending over a distance of about 1000 kilometres across the eastern border of Eritrea. Swim, dive and savor the best Eritrean food and drink while strolling the day in the sun. Tourists with over 350 islands scattered along the coast can take private excursions to relax and enjoy their much-deserved vacation. One of the most popular destinations for boating excursions is Green Islands.

Archaeological sites

Eritrea travel offers a world of diversity resulting from a long-running multicultural past. The multifaceted background has led to the creation of intriguing ruins left by ancient civilizations. Take a trip to the port that was once a part of Adulis and visit other locations like Matara and many more to understand our nation’s character better.

Culture tour

Visit different cultures that make up the rich tapestry that is the people of Eritrea. Learn about the various civilizations, histories, languages and traditions while enjoying the warmth and delicious food that our country has to offer to enjoy with total delight.

Eritrea’s unique architectural tour

Asmara is regarded as the most beautiful city in Africa and is the fourth most desirable city to visit on earth. These awards make it an irresistible place to travel to, along with other major cities across the country. Visitors can appreciate the distinctive architectural styles that have been developed through the long tradition of the time.

Monastery Tour

Plan a quick tour of the well-known monastery sites of Debresina in the country of Debre Bizen, among many other places. This tour will give tourists more insight into what has made Eritrea become the beautiful country it is today.


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