Our Property management services

We have Many years of experience with Property Management & Maintenance in Asmara. We provide Property Management Service that focuses solely on the property owner’s needs. (and the property they own.) In everything from Garden Maintenance and more, we provide these and many other services to many happy property owners who continue to avail of our services. Our services include but do not limit ourselves to:

Garden Maintenance

Suppose you are using your home for vacation rentals or personal use. If your home is a garden with irrigation, we can provide regular visits by an experienced and proven professional gardener. Includes the fumigation of your garden as and when needed. We can also assist in installing and repairing irrigation equipment should it be required.

Cleaning & Laundry Services

Apart from the cleaning we do before or after a rental, we also provide cleaning regularly and pre-arrival service for your private use.

Green Gardening
Cleaning Laundry Services

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