Rental Services


We will advertise the property you own to the large public to ensure it is leased quickly.

Tenant selection

We’ll identify the most suitable tenant for your property through extensive background checks that include previous Real Estate companies and employers’ credit checks, as well as character references.

Initial Inspection and Condition Report

Before the tenants move into the property, the Property Managers will conduct an in-depth examination of the house. He will prepare a condition report with photographs to ensure we have the proper documentation to end the lease.

Maintenance & Repairs

We are very serious about maintaining since we wish to keep your property in the best condition it can be in as well as cozy for tenants. The landlord must approve all maintenance before the work is done (separate from emergency work). We have a great database of trustworthy tradespeople we have worked with over the years and are confident in completing the job promptly.

Routine Inspections

We conduct routine inspections to check the property’s state and ensure it’s well taken care of.

Rental Payments

Rent payments are taken monthly and then credited to your account of choice.


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