Dahlak Island Resort

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This resort project managed by Qatar Diar is located on a deserted island in the Dakhlak Islands and consists of luxury villas and bungalows. In fact, the project started around 2007, when Qatar Diyar and the Eritrean government signed a letter of intent. The Kuwaiti company is known as Kuwait First Logistics Company (KFLC).

All technical monitoring work is carried out by the EDESSA team appointed by Qatar Diyar. In 2008, the project was stopped due to labor disputes, and the Kuwait-based KFLC was replaced by the French multinational company VINCI Construction, which signed a joint venture agreement with Qatar Diyar.

VINCI resumed construction in early 2009. Shiek Al Thani, the Emir of Qatar, told the CEO of VINCI that he wanted to build a better tourist island on Dahlak Island than Shamal Sheikh in Egypt.

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