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Eritrea housing

Eritrea to build 50,000 affordable homes

Eritrea will build a staggering number of "affordable housing" within three years in response to the housing crisis. This ambitious project will mainly improve rural areas and is in line with the government's long-term policy of restricting people from immigrating to cities from other urban areas. According to Asmara, this is the most detrimental to the strategic plan because the government believes that...


Eritrea is building 1,680 modern homes and businesses in Asmara

The Eritrean Housing and Commercial Bank stated that it will build 1,048 modern apartments, 376 residential units and 256 commercial buildings in Space 2000 and Asmara Khalibet Hospital in Sembel District. (homes and businesses in Asmara). The bank stated in a statement issued yesterday that it can register in person at the headquarters of the Housing and Commercial Bank or the Eritrean embassy and...

Dakhlak Island

Dahlak Island Resort

This resort project managed by Qatar Diar is located on a deserted island in the Dakhlak Islands and consists of luxury villas and bungalows. In fact, the project started around 2007, when Qatar Diyar and the Eritrean government signed a letter of intent. The Kuwaiti company is known as Kuwait First Logistics Company (KFLC). All technical monitoring work is carried out by the EDESSA team appointed by...

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