Eritrea to build 50,000 affordable homes

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Eritrea will build a staggering number of “affordable housing” within three years in response to the housing crisis. This ambitious project will mainly improve rural areas and is in line with the government’s long-term policy of restricting people from immigrating to cities from other urban areas.

According to Asmara, this is the most detrimental to the strategic plan because the government believes that the capital cannot accommodate more than 500,000 people. The government stated that the solution is to build 30,000 houses, hospitals, schools and other important infrastructure in villages around the capital. Master plans for the villages of Adi Halo, Adi Tsenay and Selae-Daero.

The Gala Nefhi district near Asmara has been completed, and 15,000 apartments will soon be built in other major cities under construction to reduce the housing burden. The final 5,000 houses are being built to accommodate the local government. Traitors, doctors, teachers, police and traffic police in 52 capitals in the district. All houses are self-financed using prefabricated building materials from Asmara, Massawa and Alaib.

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